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A little montage i made, after hearing Jem and the Holograms’s songs. This one sure match with Aviva and her rivarly with Zach.

Music: The Last Laugh

WK Episode: Cheetah Racer

Jem and the Holograms belong to Hasbro, Marvel and Sunbow Productions. WK belong to PBS, Ontario, 9 Story and Kratt Bros Company.

rockjem: is having a re-design! It’s re-done according to all the expert advice on how a modern site should be constructed and coded for the best usability.

Something that is probably completely unique among Jem sites is, it’s completely coded by hand, no webdesign programs, meaning alot less files and unnecessary coding for your browser to download, and alot quicker loading!

I’m testing it out right now.

Does it work for you? (Does it look anything like the above picture?)

(And oh, I’m doing graphics changes later, but still I like to keep everything simple.)

Looks great!


Anonymous asked:

I'm with you..I'm not excited about the new Jem movie, especially if the rumors are true that they wanted to "ground them in reality", meaning no Synergy, no holograms, etc. If they went that route, then count me out. I loved watching Jem growing up and it seems that they are going to ruin this franchise. :-/

Well, it not a rumor for that part. We know the basic plot. 

This doesn’t have to ruin the franchise. I think the core ideas behind Jem can survive it and I still hope that this movie will bring more people to the wonderful that has supported such a long lasting and enthusiastic fandom. 

  • Track Name

    You Can't Catch Me

  • Album

    Jem and the Holograms

  • Artist

    The Misfits


You can't catch me, however you try, I'm always one step in front (Yeah)
You can't catch me, you wanna know why?  Baby, I'm gonna be blunt

You're too far beneath me, below me, in every single way
The people who know me, think you're below me
And they all agree you can't even come close to me

You can't catch me, you're wastin' your time, you might as well give up now
(You can't catch me...)
You can't catch me, I'm tellin' you I'm gonna slip by you somehow

You may think I'm cornered, but, babe, I guarantee
You aren't quick enough, clever, or slick enough to ever catch me
You can't even come close to me
(No, no, no)

You can't catch me
(You can't catch me)
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